• Expertise

In addition to our high performance fleet of machinery, regularly maintained by our Integrated Maintenance, our expertise is based on our mastery:

  • of the Turning of mechanical pieces (Ø8 to 100 mm).
  • of the Machining of mechanical pieces  (Ø10 à 200 mm), manufactured from forge and foundry billets, profiles and, blanks.
  • of Completion Operations, such as broaching, burnishing, internal and external grinding, milling, planing, honing, gear cutting.
  • Deburring by tribofinishing and electrochemical
  • of Precision Technology such as precision Hard Turning and Milling.
  • of the manufacturing of Tools.

We possess an integrated Mechanical Workshop in which we manufacture the specific tools required for the machining and control of our series pieces on all our machines as well as the realization of prototypes.

Wishing lasting and beneficial relationships with our customers, our team of engineers and technicians who are well versed in the Trade is able to participate in the development of new products as well as to propose innovative and appropriate technical solutions.