• Presentation

Alpen’Tech is a Precision Engineering company which works in the field of Turning, but also in such fields as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, Transfer machining, and the finishing and control processes of pieces. We produce some one hundred million pieces per year, which are mainly destined to the automobile sector, but equally to other domains such as sport or housing sectors. 
In the automotive sector, we deliver to half the potential Customers in Europe, whether manufacturers or suppliers. We supply complex parts for fields as diverse as Engines, Transmission, Fuel Injection, Power Steering, Braking, Air Conditioning.

Our first priority is the satisfaction of our Clients through the Quality of the products and the Quality of our service. The second is of course the profitability of the company, which serves to provide the resources necessary for its development and investment.
The company’s performance depends on its acknowledged know-how, its outstanding equipment, its organization, but especially on the quality of its women and men who are the most precious resource of the company.

The Company’s Priorities

The priorities have set and implemented by focusing on 6 aims:
1 – Customer satisfaction .
2 – The quest for Industrial Excellence.
3 – The quest for Economic Performance.
4 – Business Development.
5 – System Management.
6 – Improving our processes.

The Company’s values:

Alpen’Tech is above all else a company that respects everyone’s rights, and conducts all its activities whilst respecting legality, ethics and the environment. We respect our personnel, we respect our Clients and our suppliers, we respect all the company’s partners.

We moreover are endowed with a system of five values upon which all our actives are based.

These values are the following:

  • Transparency: All information is completely clear, it is disseminated in an objective and straightforward manner. Any withholding of information is a shortcoming.
  • Teamwork: Nobody can claim to know everything. Everyone has his or her own strengths. It is by working together that we get the best results.
  • Speed: The pace at which we should do things in order to anticipate the expectations of our customers and to be proactive in all circumstances.
  • Energy: It is by our own energy and our ability to inspire others that we create the environment conductive to developing the company.
  • Responsibility: Being in charge of something, means keeping promises and delivering results.