• Quality management policy and approach

Our Quality and Environmental Policy

Our actions are focused on 2 main goals :

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Economic performance

For that reason our key success factors oriented to the satisfaction of our customers are as follows:

  • Quality: toward 0 defects
  • Costs: toward a reduction of non-quality costs
  • Delays: toward 100% of on-time deliveries

And because there is no industrial production without exchanges with the environment, we are committed to complying with the ISO 14001 standard in order to maintain an environmental management system oriented towards the achievement of 5 goals:

  1. 100% compliance with legal requirements
  2. 0 pollution
  3. Toward responsible corporate citizenship by undertaking actions which protecting nature
  4. Towards the progressive integration of sustainable development in keeping with our activities
  5. Safety: toward 0 work related accidents

In this sense we are already equipped with A3 solvent washing machines.
We use cotton (fleur de cotton) in all our workshops for cleaning floors

Quality Certifications

Our Quality Management and Environment System meets the requirements of the following standards:

  • ISO 9001  – 2015 version
  • IATF 16949 –  2016 version
  • ISO 14001  – 2015 version

See the certificates


Metrology Service, attached to service quality, thus independent of Production Services, has overall responsibility for overseeing control measuring and testing equipment and testing.
For these means, the measurement uncertainties are known and compatible with the skills required for conducting controls of product characteristics.
We can consequently control from Ø up to 300 mm, lengths up to 500 mm, shape defects of the order of 1/10th of a Micron, surface roughness, tool profiles …, and we manufacture our “own instruments” of the ‘‘Multicotes’’ kind allowing time to be gained on all of the control operations in the workshops.
All of the management of measurement infrastructure is controlled by our software Stradivalto GMM.
Calibrations are performed by external providers who are qualified in accordance with the current legislation
(Standard 17025 …) accredited by COFRAC.

For specific means of control (such as multi-gauge or C measuring) a statistical analysis of variations is conducted.
The CMC Methods (CNOMO), R & R (FORD), Cg / Cgk capabilities are performed in function of customer requirements.
Consequently, ALPEN’TECH Metrology satisfies the requirements of our customers for all of these activities.

List of control means